Engagement Rings – An Unnecessary Evil

Women nowadays are so influenced by the media, that they would do anything that the television or magazines say it’s hip. Of course, we have been told for years that a woman who does not get a diamond and expensive engagement ring when she is proposed is probably a loser.

Engagement rings have stopped being a sign of love to become a sign of wealth. It seems to me that the message is: The more expensive the diamond engagement ring is, the more love the fiancé has for her fiancée. This is even worse in the case of the celebrities.

Celebrities spend millions of dollars on their engagement rings. It would be an embarrassment for them to wear a simple and affordable ring. However, have you ever pondered about how many people suffering from famine could be fed with a million dollar diamond ring? wholesale ring How many hospitals and schools could be built with that single diamond ring?

No, we do not think of that, because to wear an expensive engagement ring is a convention. A sign of status, a way to show you are better than the rest. I wonder how we got to this point. How did we get so confused about the meaning of love?

This media craziness has a terrible impact on those who cannot afford the beautiful diamond engagement ring for the fiancé to be. Their self-esteem is crushed, just because they cannot buy a meaningless ring. Everything seems to indicate that the only reason why people would not buy a diamond engagement ring is because they do not love their partner enough.

The truth is that when we buy an expensive diamond engagement ring, a tradition in our society, the only person we are making happier is the jewelry owner. Diamond engagement rings are only another manipulation from the industries protecting their own interests.

One may think that the tradition of giving your fiancée an expensive diamond ring has existed for ever. However, this tradition only became popular in the 1920’s. Coincidentally, during these years the diamond industry had suffered a major drop in their sales.

So they solved this by asking celebrities to wear diamonds in their movies. That is how the myth that we are better if we wear diamonds was created. So bear in mind, that when you spend a fortune on a simple engagement ring, all you are doing is showing your appreciation for the diamond industry.

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