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Britanny, my Breizh / The war over the blue gold / Tell me…

Brittany, my Breizh…

There’s no way to talk about Bretagne without talking about love. Love for the sea, love for the land, love for the strong wind. Bretagne is composed of numerous small countries, whether real of artificial : the conversion to Christianity, the Frenchifying, tourism, the economy, strategy and other intellectual issues kept on shaping Breton countries. The mood, the action, the thinking, everything that makes a Breton’s personality is predetermined by his/her environment and the elements. No matter when or where in the world, the living environment has always moulded people’s nature and you cannot live in Bretagne without taking the weather into account. Yes, the weather is often fine in Bretagne. ‘An avel su ha gevred, mad d’ar houllo ha d’ar garged. Southern and south-eastern winds are favourable to empty and loaded (ships)’. Don’t forget to wrap yourself up a little though, Sweetheart, because the weather can sometimes be unpleasant around here.

When the western wind rises and provokes in the Atlantic the bad day storm, when the line of the squall brings over cumulonimbus, those huge steam chimney heralding the coming of a cold front, then yes, it can hurt. Fishermen don’t go out, yatchmen remain at anchor, container ships take shelter from the wind coming from the Douarnenez Bay in Brest harbour or in the Aber-Vrac’h, seagulls are driven inland and a beautiful foam is forming on the surface of the ocean. The gusts are damaging and sailors – the Lords of the sea, as Doctor Mével nicknamed them in his book; the man arrived in Douarnenez from his native Paris and just fell in love with the Breton land and its inhabitants –  must brave the raging elements, often coming off badly, sometimes costing them their lives. ‘Red eo gouzañv da gaoud skiant, labourad tenn da gaoud arhant. One has to suffer to gain experience, work hard to earn money’.

The sea can hurt, but it can also provide the contrary, well-being, by creating open-minded men. The sea, Breton sailors’ motherly supplier, has taken a heavy toll among these men blessed with a great ability for working because they have a lot of resistance. They left to fish on schooners off Mauritania coasts in Africa in the ’30s and wisely began trading with India and Asia from Lorient. The famous company made the town famous, An Oriant. Another exemplary success would get Douarnenez out of its relative misery thanks to a thousand longboats anchored in the Rosmeur harbour in 1900 : the small shore was turned into a wharf in the late 19th century and early 20th and helped industrialising fishing. Fish processing plants, using the pressure canning method invented by Nicolas Appert in 1810, would guarantee a commercial success to the town with the opening of a sardine canning factory, a species of fish said to be universal because they are easy to fish. Then there was the great strike of 1924 and its procession of female factory workers who would spend 80 hours of hard work a week from the age of 11 or 12.

A fictional TV movie inspired by these events successfully recreates the atmosphere of this period : ‘Les Penn-sardines’ (2003) produced by France 3 and Télescope Audiovisuel (the DVD is available in stores in France).

Leading the claims for better working conditions, Douarnenez women would remain determined to take the helm as shown through Breton matriarchy. As for the bay, the remains of  garum tanks from the Roman city of Plomarc’h show evidence that it has always been a spot well-stocked with fish. ‘Leh ma’r mor ma’r pesked. Where the sea is, the fish are’. Freshly lined up and squashed into neatly displayed tins, the sardine and its kind are then exported to everywhere around the world. Who has never eaten some, really ? Only three factories out of the forty-odd in operation in 1880 are still producing those famous cans, only three factories because there aren’t any fish anymore :  following the era of small-scale fishing and coastal navigation, trawlers with their huge too tight-knitted drift nets quickly plunder the resources. One more evidence that before each human disaster, no-one listens to the voice of reason. ‘Seul vui a vez, seul vui vez c’hoant, da zastum leve hag arhant. The more you have, the more you want to, accumulate profits and money’.

The warning and the advice from the most conscientious fishermen could have helped preserve the future of the fish and the fishing activities though, through a different management, a better-thought one. It’s true that you have to take the competition from economical developing countries in account… Unfortunately for fishermen, the resources are now almost dried up. Europe, through the European Commission in Brussels, set quotas and hands out subsidies for the destruction of ships, so it looks very much like the main activities around the sea are tending towards boating and leisure sailing now. To Learn more @ Douarnenez Harbour-museum (the Penn-sardin caning plant). The development of the boating activities is not going to stop very soon and on this account, numerous harbours are built through an endless asphalting of the Breton coast. Let’s hope the ensuing pressure from the real-estate business doesn’t turn Bretagne into a new French Riviera called Concretetown. The slow death of agriculture and of its abandoned lands also contribute to the building of luxurious single-family houses despite the astronomical building costs and new towns of more than questionable architectural taste are growing here and there throughout the country. In Bretagne, there are only a few meters between two very distinct worlds brought together though by the same willingness to harness the elements : the sea and the land. Forever faithful to their posts, up before 5 a.m., in bed long after the sun sets (midnight or later) : farmers.

Under the pressure of national and international policies was established a land consolidation in the ’70s. Hedges were pulled out, the landscape was radically transformed with the disappearance of the Breton bocage and the development of intensive farming : the hay wain was put away and turned into an incubator in the farmyard to give way to gigantic machines, what do you expect, it was either being productive or disappearing… To help the farming world into modernity was invented the inevitable financial complement : the subsidy ! Although it is vital for the farmer or the producer to survive in the face of unfair competition from countries whose workforce is overexploited, we have to acknowledge twenty years after the mistakes of this disastrous politics (erosion, flooding, overproduction, disappearance of small farms… ) and wipe the slate clean. In order to do so, let’s put back the hedges and hand out more subsidies ! The development of fishing activities was subsidised, and so is the dismantling. The land consolidation was strongly subsidies, let’s do the same for planting back the hedges. Who are they trying to kid ? ‘Al labourer a viskoaz, a zebr eur garg douar ar bloaz. The ploughman has always had, a cartload of soil to eat each year’. To learn more @ infos Bretagne.


The Breton farming production is outstanding and blimey, the food in Bretagne is so good ! The traditional basic course remains crêpe. Made with buckwheat or wheat flour for a desert with a bowl of good dry cider and a big glass of thick milk : there’ll never be anything better ! There was a time when the consumer would know what was in his plate. He would shop at the market to find fresh products, he knew what he was buying and who from… Opening up the borders as well as global marketing generated the fragmentation of a national market which was more or less operational, that’s true, but after the hormone-fed veal, the mad cow disease, the avian flu, what’s going to happen next ? It’s easy to figure it out, the process being already operating : genetically modified corn treated with antibiotics ! Fruit and vegetables fly in from every countries on the planet at absolutely unbeatable prices. Have you ever bitten into a newly-defrosted apple, tasteless strawberries, sterilised vegetables ? Only the consumer can save us. Just to mention Breton products, try strawberries from Plougastel, cauliflowers and artichokes from the Léon, taste the pleasures of oysters and seafood, freshly-fished langoustines and of a custard flan with prunes, Kouing Amann… ‘Ar pez a zo grêd gand ma zad, a zo grêd mad. What my dad made, he made it well’.

The production of organic food enables a fortunate redevelopment for agriculture on a developing economical market, and not without reason : ‘Roit d’ar zaout boued frêz, hag e savo dienn war al lêz. Give good food to your cows, and you will get creamy milk’. But are we ready to pay the price for eating fresher and healthier food while respecting French producers ? Chartered holidays, discount supermarkets, sales, special offers, gifts, ‘made in China’ products, fast-food restaurants, wizened mini-sandwiches, the cancellation of every other meal, … Everyone tries to spend less money, even if it means poisoning oneself or becoming an anorexic. But why drive two more miles in your big luxurious SUV or in the latest €35,000 family car just to pay your bread twenty cents less than at the local baker’s, to where you can go on foot ? Once again, who do they think they’re fooling ? ‘Mad ha buan, n’int ked unan. Well and fast, makes two’

The culture in Bretagne is doing well. From the music to the development of the country’s artistic, traditional and specific patrimony, there is a return to learning the region’s language. As for music, Glenmor – an amazing committed singer and a good friend of Léo Ferré’s – will remain in everyone’s memories, just as Stivell, Dan ar Braz and so many others making sure the tradition is passed on. The mother tongue used by everyone until the beginning of the Frenchifying of the country during the 16th century, Breton would have disappeared without a very fierce and legitimate willingness to give it an honourable status, an official and accepted existence, to come into general use. But the soon-to-be-resolved difficulty also comes from the language itself, or more specifically from its numerous variants; from one place to another, the brezhoneg spoken in Finistère is different from the gallo in Rennes… As for Douarnenez inhabitants, they developed their own language, with a very delightful accent, wonderfully mixing up the Breton from the sea, the Breton from the land and the colourful French. Breton is a real language, beautiful and rich. One more reason to give it back the place it deserves. This is a work in very positive progress. ‘Neubeud tra, neubeud,  Inkin a ra neud. Little by little, the spindle spins its thread’ (at the origin of the French saying ‘Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid’ : Little by little, the bird builds its nest / With time and perseverance, you can accomplish your goals – translator’s note)

Noirmoutier, Herbaudière Harbour. At the time when the sardin would support the women from the factory… The expertise of the Penn Sardin (sardins’ heads) was famous abroad and the ‘petites mains’ from Douarnenez, including Marie-Josèphe Mathelin Monblanc, would leave to ‘work for the season’ far from their base factory in 1920 (she’s the 1st on the left, she was 15). She proudly turned 100 in 2005.

« Gant petra e ra ar voualc’h he neizh ? » What does the blackbird use to make his nest ?  « Gant he beg ! » Its beak !

«  Taol ’laez ! » Haul it up high ! « Penn da greiz ! »  Head for the open sea !

REFERENCES (in French) :

Proverbes et Dictons de Basse-Bretagne, by Yves LE BERRE and Jean LE DÛ, ARMELINE Editions, Tal-ar-Groas, route de l’Aber, 29160 CROZON, FRANCE.  –  Le Breton de poche, ASSIMIL Evasion, http://www.assimil.com

Drapeau breton« Gwintomp ar Gwenn-ha-Du »  Haul up the White and Black (the Breton flag)

Fanch HASCOËT took part to numerous books about Bretagne culture, more specifically through its music. The repertoire of his favourite instrument, the Celtic harp, are subjected to a very interesting and very necessary inventory. To discover a new website regularly updated : http://efhach.free.fr

The war over the blue gold 

While Soïg is enjoying a heedless life like any child her age, we have every right to wonder : ‘What are the reasons leading the human being to his ruin ?’ Today more than ever, conflicts are related to a deprivation caused by privatisation. When the access to a vital material depends on the means at our disposal to get it, the differences in treatment between individuals sooner or later generate fratricidal struggles and fights. Privileges are always questioned by those having non if not by those having a lot more of them, this is just a matter of class struggle ! Water has become the main stake, threatening mankind’s survival; we are now aware that we don’t have more drinking water at our disposal today than we had back during the Roman Empire. There is a major difference though : tomorrow, 9 billion people will have to quench their thirst with a material which is already getting more and more polluted. And as if this wasn’t enough, the other conflicts are generated by the fact that energy-carrier fossil materials are drying up, and that’s not to mention the arsons destroying our ecosystem. We are here faced with the four elements which created us some 7 billion years ago (back when the very first more or less human traces appeared), earth, water, fire, air. Lose one of theses four basic elements nature is endowed with and which we enjoy on a daily basis (the four seasons symbolising this foursome) and the three others would immediately disappear. For example, depriving a soil of water quickly turns it into an arid desert : no water, no life. Thus we end up there with our backs to the wall.  Brilliant scientists frequently call us to order, first in line is astrophysician Hubert Reeves and before him was vulcanologist Haroun Tazieff. There are even more of them giving media coverage to their knowledge within the media circles, following the example of Nicolas Hulot. But you should know that in 2006 1.2 billion human beings have no access to water and that men, women and children have to spend their days draw the blue gold from very deep wells filled with unclear water, a genuine Way of the Cross generating tragedies of an importance we cannot even begin to imagine in our abundant wealthy societies.

But you see, we will have to pay the price one day, and it’s going to be a heavy one ! The wars going on in the Near East – and I use the plural form because these situations remain ancient and complex – are wars for an access to water, whether fresh or salty. And soon, the real reasons behind theses conflicts will overflow us. As a matter of fact, a bomb-less war has already begun. Who is happy with their water bills ? Who loves swimming among green algae ? Why do we French people drink such a pure and good-tasting liquid… out of bottles when we are lucky enough to be able to draw perfectly drinking water from the taps of our homes ? Even the toilet flush is filled with drinking water, which is more than despicable with regard to the countries deprived of water; this established fact is outrageous ! We evacuate our natural surplus with drinking water instead of providing our fellow Earthmen with water to survive. We spend out of luxury and doing so we compel a large part of mankind to die of thirst. There is no wonder why, with contemptuous and terribly cruel behaviours such as ours, we have a hard time being respected (let alone being appreciated for our culture, so wonderful from many angles) by populations maintained in their miserable status ? Yes, mankind is bound to disappear and its models of society to collapse because of privatisation : no money, no water. Is this the commercially perfect ruthless principal governing the business world ? And yet, with a strict but honest and shared management of the blue gold instead of shameless wasting, we could all obtain the minimum vital share. Each and every one of us. So happy are the citizens of the wealthy countries raising their glasses to the poor ! But by the way, where is it written that ‘All men are born and remain free and equal in rights’ and that ‘ Social distinctions can be founded only on the common utility’ ?

The situation is not so good either for fossil fuels : within a few centuries, human beings have managed to plunder resources which have been produced for thousands of years in a beautifully slow natural process. Destroying is so much easier than building… So to save themselves from the predicted disaster, men make desperate attempts, such as pouring carbon dioxide into the deep and almost dry layers of oil of the Canadian soil. No, no, you’re not dreaming, carbon dioxide is being buried in the subsoil of the ‘Beau Pays’ ! This technology seems to be perfect (only seems because we are as experienced as sorcerer’s apprentices) and for the last four years, millions of tons of CO² have been injected 1.5 thousand meter deep into the soil of Weyburn, Saskatchewan. In the North Sea, in Poland or in the U.S.A., billions of tons are buried deeper and deeper into the planet’s subsoil, forever turning men into burnt beefsteaks sandwiched between two slices of bread baked with carbon powder ! Will human perversion ever stop ? Instead of committing themselves to solve problems by getting to the roots of them and offering simple solutions (i.e. fighting waste) industrialists prefer financing substitute solutions. I know you’re not surprised, they are no philanthropists, only discreet vultures crouching in the shadows whose jobs are to circulate virtual money and make it work for them. Nevertheless, one has to admit that the business world has neither pity nor feelings, so we have to make do or fight against it.


So polluters are free to keep on polluting : they are going to sold submarine plankton plots ! Indeed, carbon dioxide settles upon the surface of the oceans and then falls down to the bottom where it is absorbed by the plankton. Therefore, of you know in advance the given percentage of polluted air your factory is going to discharge, you can buy yourself clear conscious parcels sowed on purpose to compensate, then you will e allowed to keep on polluting with complete impunity ! A Machiavellian process which is the source of admiration for economy specialists undoubtedly excited by the huge profits foreseen by some unscrupulous investors. The only satisfaction to be drawn from this, in a less scary way, may be to think that however enormous their profits might be, these awful hucksters will, at the twilight of their wealthy retirement, end up down in a hole, just like the rest of us. There again, this time around, the coffin might be lined with plated gold… But until then, the future is theirs : pollution has never been in a better shape !



Stop wasting ! For the information of children…

Do you know to what extent we, as individuals, waste the natural resources of the planet ? Of course, the efforts each and every one of us have to make to cut down on water at home seem pretty derisory when compared to the amounts consumed by the industrial and agricultural companies. But if each French person, really conscientiously, methodically, naturally got down to it, then amazing savings would be achieved for everyone’s sake : the treasure of the ground water is actually getting more and more rare and the human vampires are more eager for raw material than ever. This is an unforgivable behaviour and it makes the cleverest and most aware of us want to sweat blood to win the battle of the blue gold ! Did you know that out of  all the water we use in our house or apartment, 93% is used for everything but drinking (cleaning, washing, flushing, body hygiene) ? Only 7% is used to prepare meals and to be drunk by the inhabitants and their pet. Did you know that each time Soïg is having a bath, she uses (wastes !) 100 to 200 litres of drinking water ? A nice shower would be just as efficient to have a wash and relax (or to wake one’s body and mind up) and would not amount to more than 20 litres provided that, of course, you don’t take several showers everyday nor fall asleep under the nozzle… So, just like Soïg, in the morning when brushing her teeth or like her dad during his shaving session, do not let the water run anymore and turn off the tap !

Join the Fondation Nicolas Hulot ! To learn more, click here.

 Al Gore in the United-States, Nicolas Hulot in France, numerous politicians, scientists, physicists, climatogists and each and every volunteers finally join forces and try to take up the great challenge human beings forced upon themselves : to save the Earth !


                                     Stop wasting ! For the information of parents…

Once you made your family and friends adopt a responsible behaviour such as yours, try to have a clear conscious before you go and start bawling to make the biggest water wasters of the world give in. Teach the youngest that they are at the bottom of the ladder and that small streams feed big rivers, use the best teaching technique ever to show them the gestures which will save mankind if it’s not already too late : virtue through exemplarity. We must turn off Lady Nature’s tap because it has been opened and running non-stop since the beginning of time; we overexploited the best of what the planet could offer us and the backlash is going to be violent ! The source has dried up and soon will be the beginning of the end : there is no future without water, read the text above. Do never make any exceptions, do not make any compromises on the water saving issue, be firm and clear, that’s what need the most. And once again in this battle over the blue gold as it has been in every battles, the one and only thing which will reorientate the course of history is called ‘The Revolution !’. Thus, it is high time for us now in France to make our once again, since we forgot the precepts for which, not so long ago, heads rolled… 




It is a very vague concept but at the same time it is very precise, according to the context. Vague, because a prisoner locked up in his cell still ,has his freedom of thought, as a teacher remains free to teach though he depends on a heavy educational system, and as most of us are free to go around wherever we feel like despite numerous restraints (respecting the highway code, private property…). Freedom iis also a precise action : when soldiers landed in Normandy to free the country or, to give another example of freedom, when you open the cage of birds as Pierre Perret sings it, it is then to defend a universal cause. As for defense of animals, several films depicts the fight, and more specifically “Born free”, the score and orchestration of which is very personal and earned its author, the young and promising John Barry, praise from Hollywood in the ‘60s (2 Oscars, one for Original Score and one for Best Original Song). This piece of work free the composer from his relative anonymity to lock him up in fame, which in turn freed his talent… “Ma Liberté” (“My Freedom”) is also a wonderful song by Georges Moustaki which sent the singer to the top of the charts during those same rock’n’folk years.

Composing music, and on wider scale learning music, is affected by this strong contradiction : you must learn to lock yourself inside a mould or a predefined model before you can let your own artistic sensitivity run free. And it is the same for education : children must be taught strong and clear values right from the earliest years (this is called the basics in modern vocabulary) so that later, they can form their own personalities on solid basis and gradually enter the adult world as free and socially-integrated individuals. This word, freedom, when spoken out one day in front of a crowd by Martin Luther King, or by Nelson Mandela, never had more significance and meaning. It is one of the most used word on the planet, whatever the language. The evocative power of this term motivates men and also generates much frustration : in our western society, where industry has never been so developed, everyone feels more and more watched, controlled, manipulated. Our individual liberties seem threatened. Freedom ! When used on its own, without any justification nor concrete reference, this beautiful word unfortunately loses its taste because it doesn’t mean anything anymore and thus simply carries an utopian message.


The human being is not only composed of male or female chromosomes definitively and clearly defining our behaviour. The way of life, the society, the education, the environment, the nature of each one of us have men noticing that we are not equal. Equality is out of place, some will always have more than others and enjoy more luck, more success, more love… In the face of death, suffering, the tragedies of life, we are not equally treated by destiny. Each of us is unique, especially when differences are clear : on the one side is the first child who receives from his parents all the best they have to offer, and on the other side is the second child who receives all the rest; in this case, we are far from some notion about equality ! Admiring someone who outshines us and wanting to become that someone, to be like that him/her, or committing oneself into a homosexual or a platonic love relationship with someone of the same gender, those are things that have always existed but they remain tinged with mistrust and suspicion. Unconscious imitation, identity theft, dissociative identity disorder, copying, cloning, transvestism, motherly men and paternalist women, all this proves that men have a feminine side and women a masculine side, which generates differently appreciated behaviours and attitudes, often considered to be ambiguous to the least. The difficulties two human beings encounter when trying to have a relationship and, on a wider point of view, when trying to communicate are not equal in complexity nor perversity in the earth animal world.

Europe and more specifically the French society are founded on the Judaeo-Christian religion and for a long time homosexuality has been considered as a ‘extraordinary’ or even ‘abnormal’ scenario. Banned and hunted down through all the centuries, love would be forbidden between two individuals of the same gender. Accepting this difference took much time and suffering, as was the case for many other differences in fact – the love between two individuals not having the same age, the same religion, the same colour of the skin, the same culture, the same living standards. This treatment is more or less equal according to the era, the people and their culture. The modern time seems to have become a little passionate, but this is not to be taken for granted, man is too capricious an animal ! Depending on eras and civilisations, the notion of normality within human relations changed a lot, turning from one state into another until it reached its height with a decadent Roman Empire. And this is where we are at… Take the Roman Games for instance (the broadcasting of major sport events, like football for example).

While on this subject, in the vegetable world, nature designed a simplification of relationships : the vast majority of flowers is hermaphrodite. No more gender opposition, congenital arguments, insurmountable differences, conceptual confrontation. If the man and the woman could form a single individual, what an equality that would be ! And how boring too… ! As regards child education and moulding, homosexuals could give a lesson about commitment and efficiency to many traditional couples, if you can still find some among the very high number of divorces and single-parent and decomposed/recomposed families… The double motherly or fatherly love provided by a caring protectorate, which is already a major step, will nevertheless not allow a homosexual couple to take on their education mission right from the procreation but who really cares in fact : the world brings enough children to life already and there are so many of them unhappy and in need to be taken care of : let’s extend the eligibility criteria for adoption !

… Brotherhood. 

bl_332621_image1DanielaSpyropoulosHave you ever seen ‘They live’ by John Carpenter ? In that film, thanks to special glasses, the hero could see subliminal messages hidden in shop signs, hoardings, magazine covers and the front pages of newspapers… These messages read ‘Consume !’, ‘Spend !’, ‘Buy !’. He could also have found one saying ‘Start a family !’, ‘Shut up !’, ‘Be disciplined !’, … In this era of ours, when overproduction and over-consumption are the rules, anything that can encourage people to spend their money (including the money they don’t have, thank you credits !) is shamelessly and openly displayed. Money and brotherhood don’t go together. In these conditions, how can we educate children and teach the youngest how value other things than those money provides ? It all brings us back to the bacteria and germs on coins and notes or to the virtual money of the Stock Exchange or the Internet. Fifteen or twenty years ago, when I was introducing the violin to children in primary schools, they would always ask :’Sir, what kind of wood is it ?’, ‘How does it work ?’, ‘Can I touch it, can I try it ?’. Nowadays, it’s clear, there is no ambiguity with the questions : ‘Is it expensive ?’, ‘How much does it cost ?’, ‘Do you have a good assurance for it ?’. No comment !

We are producing too much and we forgot the principle of helping someone out. We might not have oil, but we have ideas ! That’s what we were told in the ’70s. So, what became of those famous ideas ? With our good old French système D (resourcefulness), by bartering more and exchanging favours, we would all be a lot better and all this without having awfully wasted nature resources ! Within some professions or some corporate bodies, you can still find solidarity between individuals, brotherly relations still exist between colleagues in some communities and associations in particular. And yet, that was how the whole society used to operate in France ! Each individual was willing to do good turns because they very well knew that one day, they in turn would need a helping hand. Brotherhood did mean something… Our society is now corrupted by wealth, because we think happy is to be found in our neighbour’s yard, who owns something we don’t own yet ‘But it’s going to change, I want a bigger and a more beautiful one than his !’. Americans are very good at this childish crap. In their films, they put on a great act to prove that, basically, we can live happily without any possessions at all ! Naked and stripped on a beach without any goods nor future, happiness is to overwhelm you when the sun beautifully sets, so, what more could anyone want ? Money can’t buy happiness, that’s for certain, but we all know it can help to have some, or at least it does in our selfish relentlessly wasting society ! It is thus difficult to see things clearly, because the messages we receive on how to live collectively to be happy goes from the positive with the example of multimillionaire Zidane, a hero admired by all, to the negative with the poor, who are supposedly the freest and the happiest for they live in the truth, according to the Bible (they put everything in the hands of the Lord). Man really has a complex nature; he has a contradictory behaviour, which all through the years has never really made sense. All the problems generated by human activities will thus remain quite unmanageable.



Tell me why… 


Yannick : ‘Hello. My name is Yann but my friends call me Yannick, ‘small Yann’ in Breton. I’m not all that little though, and I even understand a lot of things about a lot of issues. I like my questions to be answered quickly and well because I’m eager to know, to understand. I like what is beautiful, beautiful music too, I want to learn how to compose. I want to know everything about everything. Tell me why…’

Solenn : ‘Hi ! My name is Solenn and I really like Modern Melodies a lot. FX is the composer, he likes animals and nature, and so do I. Living in the country is really living a beautiful life. I hope things are going to get better everywhere, I want to grow up in a world where they are neither wars nor violence but lots and lots of people as happy as I have been since I was a baby. But I’m getting worried, tell me why…’

Ronan : ‘Hello. My name is Ronan, I’m ten years old and what concerns me is to know where I’m going to live later on when I’m an adult. I want a world where no-one is ever hungry or thirsty, a world where we all love each other without being jealous, a world where we protect nature and the animals living there. My father told me there used to be butterflies, flies and snails everywhere in our garden. But I cannot see a single one. Tell me why…’ 



… She is so beautiful  

Beauty is a subjective vision of the human being. A woman considered as very beautiful at the beginning of the century would today failed during a beauty contest because the criteria are not the same anymore : thinness, verging on anorexia, has become now more than ever the new criterion of beauty. Photography is not the only art to suffer from the fluctuations of men’s changeability, painting is the best example : remember all the paintings and pieces of art which were burnt and destroyed in the ’30s because they were considered as decadent according to a dictate imposed at that time whereas these amazing creations are today appreciated by thousands and are worth a fortune, a sweet revenge on history ! Animals do not perceive beauty the same way we do and this for a very simple reason : their vision is technically different from ours (check out this website about the technical aspect of this fascinating matter).

When a dog looks at its master, whatever he looks like on that given day, it still finds him beautiful and the master too thinks his puppy is wonderful; other basic factors are mixing in with the conception of beauty such as fashion, education, imagination (dreams, repression, …), received ideas, the influence of the family circle, … we all possess these criteria but they are different from one individual to another. What is even more complex is that a gorgeous girl may look very ordinary in everyday life while she will look absolutely beautiful in a picture and vice versa, the beautiful woman standing by your side stimulating your fantasy wouldn’t even catch your eye once in a picture because she is not photogenic. Nevertheless, there are professionally validated codes and if you have a good perception, a good knowledge, an appropriate education, experience but also a critical mind, you will then be allowed to impartially pass judgement on beauty in general.

In music, a beautiful melody is appreciated according to objective elements (check out the various pages of this website) knowing that the artistic aspect of music is felt – or not – deep inside with any intellectual justifications. Indeed, a beautiful melody considered as such according to weighted and measured technical criteria would be ruined by a poor quality arrangement or an awful rendition and a very basic melody would be magnified by the same elements if these are correctly mastered. The pressure of the environment we live in also defines the more or less objective criteria dictating our behaviour, but everything is not all that simple; for example, the picture of a naked person may be considered suspicious and even forgotten in a given country and not even provoke any hostile reaction in another, depending on people’s culture and the level of tolerance of the authorities.

In France, the Republic is symbolised by Marianne with her bosom showing, and a woman’s bosom is a beautiful thing, but this would not be appropriate, for example, for some countries or communities willing to see women’s beauty expressed differently. For naturists, being naked doesn’t provoke any complex regarding one’s body and others’; all physiques become beautiful because they are accepted by all. And even though textiles, as they are called, may consider seeing naked people very ugly, some people also think that beauty is most of all an inner quality. Who could then claim with certainty what is beautiful and what is not ? (Russian) cosmonauts, (American) astronauts and (European) spacemen discovered an incredible sight of the blue planet from space when stationed above our heads : what they saw was too impressive, they would never be able to appreciate beauty in the same way… So let’s try and remain tolerant, keep an open mind and accept the difference of opinions about the various conceptions of beauty provided that the most basic decency, provocation, eroticism and other visual and human factors are used with honesty and respect to the artistic spectrum, the people involved and the Law establishing the rules of a life in community.

One of the most beautiful songs of the French and French-speaking repertoire of the latest century is called ‘Elle était si jolie’ by Alain Barrière. It is still a tremendous success with the public today even though it dates back from 1963. The melody is based on a first musical phrase composed in a minor key (thus it sounds sad on a basic point of view) which is then followed by a second phrase composed in relative major key before coming back to a minor mode (to learn more, check out this page about composition 101, you find this page on the site soon). The effect produced by this opening toward the major key is like opening a window and letting some light in in a dark and nostalgic atmosphere. This composing technique still provokes and effect even unconsciously, especially when coupled with beautiful instrumental phrases and tones. Lalo Schifrin also used this minor/major progression for the superb score he composed for the film ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ starring Steve Mac Queen. There are numerous examples of this, including in recent works : the cover Laurent Voulzy recently made of ‘Derniers baisers’ (‘Sealed with a kiss’) on his latest album for example… So in my opinion, beauty can be codified, channelled, organised but talent makes all the difference (the composer’s talent and the listener’s abilities to appreciate it).


… our skins have different colours  

The colour of the skin is related to pigmentation which is produced by both our genes and the effect of the sun. Every white person wants to have a tanned skin to show off when coming back from a summer holiday spent on a fine-sanded beach, don’t they ? When permanently exposed to the burning star, whites quickly turn to black… and blacks get sunburned. We all come from the same species – Homo Sapiens; we all have the same genes and the differences between individuals are caused by various subjective factors such as culture, the region or the country the community belongs to, the vicissitudes of migration… and the colour of the skin itself : black/black, no so black black, white/white, pinkish white, yellow, red, green, fluorescent… who cares ? Simple-minded racists have been focusing on the colour of the skin and on the false notion that there are genetic differences between individuals, which is absolutely not true; science and genetic engineering proved this was a mere invention and racism is now an excuse for all kinds of excesses full of hatred. The notion that there are different races of humans is only a vague unfounded intellectual concept created by human beings to justify their own rubbishness, especially when it is pushed to the extreme ; how many wars and genocides have been carried out in the name of the survival of a pseudo superior race and were just an excuse to in fact try and preserve such or such society model and its specificities, all of which are… xenophobic !

Another form of racism was born with the Bible where animals were already classified into different categories : those having good flesh, the unclean,… and very soon this was applied to human beings : this one comes from Africa so he is like this or like that, and that one lives in Asia so he is completely different… The influence of religion did not make things better either : in America, evangelisation was carried out with the help of massive gunshots and Christianity, to name one, was imposed upon Bretagne for example with the help of massive thrashing; the way Native Americans were treated, as if they were subhuman or wild men, must always be remembered and will remain an absolute abomination in mankind history. To come back to the characteristics of some populations’ physical appearances, different types of humans do exist, this is true : it is visually obvious that a Chinese and a European don’t look the same and that their features are different, and that is the reason why a classification of the usually different types of humans was established in 1795. It divides in five groups : European, African, Asian, American and Malaysian. For each of these groups, the morphology as well as the colour of the skin are related to the belonging of the community to a given place for a long period of time : a French man is considered French mostly because he was born to French parents living in France and eating French food, and in this respect he will always be different from, let’s say, a Thai man born in Thailand to Thai parents having a Thai way of life and a Thai way of thinking.

On no account, and at the risk of repeating myself, are a French man and a Thai man genetically different one from the other because we are all bound together by the same gene, the human gene. This consideration cannot be ignored, but sadly enough it doesn’t prevent from racism on a local scale, the day-to-day kind of racism ruining the lives of a part of the French population because some of our fellow citizens are coming from other communities, other countries,… this is the weight of all the different cultures not being able to come to terms with one another and sometimes producing clashes about the way some people live and think the society should operate, about its rules and its values. What is the most outstanding in racism are its intolerance and its inability to challenge itself rather than the simple issue of the colour of the skin. There is one thing for certain, though : when integrating a society or a community, you ought to abide by its rules and its laws, even if they are not perfect and you consider them unfair. And the other way round, this society or community ought to do everything in their power to treat the individual as their brother, their equal, as the committed new member of their brotherhood. An essential behaviour, all in all, required to make things work within the couple with concessions each partner has to make to his/her better half to live together, respecting one another without denying oneself : this is indeed one of dilemmas of human nature and it has become the crucial stake of our time and of our societies.


Tell me how…  

Yannick : ‘I don’t understand how we can let pollution take such an important role. I taught all of my friends how they could stop wasting water, not let plastic bags all over the place, tell their parents to stop smoking, pouah, cigarettes really stink ! There are even grown-ups who use dirty stuff like drugs and all this make them stupid and ill, how crazy ! I think there’s always time however old you are to learn how to behave like a good responsible adult : tell me how can I achieve that.’

Solenn : ‘The sea is an amazing thing. When I’m facing the wind, I feel so light, I almost fly, I picture myself as the figurehead of the three-master I admired back in Douarnenez, I’m hero’s fiancée on the ocean liner floating towards the sinking sun. It’s a beautiful film, but the with an unhappy end : the boat sinks, most of the people die accompanied by the sound of violins. All this because of a gigantic ice cube no-one had noticed because they were all to busy having fun. And what if the earth other name was the Titanic ? Tell me how could we do…

Ronan : ‘In my family, we eat organic food and we are almost vegetarians. My mother says it might be more expensive but at least it’s safe : no killing of animals, no poisoning of the air, the earth or the water, and we also buy fair trade products, which is a kind of trade leaving no-one cheated, and that’s good. I want to tell everybody to do the same and not to eat anything anyhow. I don’t want to become fat because I make mistake, an obese person because of the synthetic food mixed with antibiotics and high-sugared coke. Tell me how can I convince my friends to eat more carefully…’


… will we live in the future 

The human being has always been trying to control nature’s laws. The relentlessness with which he climbed the rungs of the evolution ladder all along the millennia to become the dominating species is beyond amazing. An incredible success which has nothing to do with luck, it is the fruit of his determination to achieve his own and only goal : to become the master. Man harnessed fire, invented love, developed art, imposed money, brought in the wheel, created printing, devised Morse coding, built rockets, channelled the atom and walked on the moon. His ambition for tomorrow is to invade the interstellar space but he is already facing major difficulties : will he have enough time and the required means ? This exponential activity comes with far too many problems, the human race is unreasonably growing and the level of modernity associated with procreation has never been so high : the human being’s quality of life, which has gradually got more and more attainable to everyone everywhere, generates the irreversible degradation of our environment as an indirect consequence.

To bring a child into the world is a risk the young adults from the developed countries are not really willing to take, hence the incredible amounts of support and benefits given to genitors to encourage them to act without fearing they might lose their jobs for example. As far as the developing countries are concerned, procreate remains an essential value because it is vital (children are to take on the family’s survival and the parents’ old age) so this is quite another matter… but it nevertheless still falls within a vicious circle : the more we give birth, the more we consume and the more we produce, so the more we give birth. On the matter of the reproduction of the species as well as on all the matters bl_332610_image1Najinconcerning human activity, is homo sapiens acting consciously or under irrational impulses ? We should wonder whether we got absolutely insane and stupid to put ourselves in such a dilemma : there are too many of us on the planet and it cannot afford to give each of us the living standards of our modern consumer society.

And coming on top of this sad acknowledgement is a philosophical issue : the actual economical model was put together to the detriment of poor countries by plundering natural resources, men being exploited by men to the point that slavery, colonisation, the overpowering of minor populations,… turned into institutions. As most of the consciously aware people thinking, there is no reasonable doubt about the fact that man is his own worse enemy. Under these conditions, how can we find a way out of all this knowing that the solutions to today’s problems for mankind and its environment depend on man who himself created them ?  To learn more humans, check out this link. To answer the question  ‘What is going to be our lives like in the future ?’ is not an easy task, there are too many things changing at the moment on the political scene. Nevertheless, our future can be seen from two conflicting points of view and for each of these assumptions there is a consequence, but what exactly ?


First assumption : the population of the world still continues to grow, there are 6 billions of us today and there will be 9 billions of us in only a few decades.

Consequence #bl_332612_image1ChristianNoval1 : we don’t give a damn about it, as we don’t give a damn about today’s global marketing practices or about the development our politicians hold so dear. The relentless growth will cause vital resources to get more and more rare (drinking water, food), of the raw materials which won’t have been replaced in time (nuclear energy, oil,…) which will trigger the kind of chaos related to wars, conflicts, forced migrations (to flee from hunger, pollution, climatic changes) and cause the economical and cultural absorptions of small countries (such as France) by gargantuan overcrowded nations… and it very much looks like we already are living this scenario.

OR Consequence #2 : we start a kind of ‘half-reversed Marshall’ plan, that is : allocate massive amounts of money to stop the production and development of those who have too much and raise the living standards of those who have nothing or not much (access to health care, education,…). To learn more, check of this page about the Marshall Plan. Here is a simple example of the kind of efficient actions to illustrate the waste created despite means shortage : the interdiction of S.U.V. types (except maybe for the people working in the high mountains) and the building of drinking water wells where people have been suffering from thirst for far too long. However, a spectacular reversal of the situation would not help mankind to pull out of all this but if we try hard enough and with honesty, it could produce positive effects while raising consciousness about what must really be done for our species to survive, these attempts could be very significant; the hope for a life in the future made possible again for our children and our grandchildren would surely move mountains of efforts for us not to die in anarchy. Anyway, at planet scale and whatever we do, we will have to resign ourselves to have less children and this doesn’t look very likely, the number of places never been destroyed by human activities are shrinking away, men are squatting all the space and the best testimony of this is the disappearance of very important animal species not able to live peaceful on their large lands which had been spared until now. Goodbye elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, broods,… do you really realise what a disaster that would be !

OR Consequence #3 : colonising other planets become inevitable and urgent requiring unbelievable financial means allocated to achieve this task, which is impossible in the current state of our knowledge and technology, not mentioning our production ability which would have to be heavily increased. Thus, thanks to the discovery of new technologies, the revelations of the secrets of the Universe and the solutions to travelling at the speed of light and through time, men would pull out of all this, there’s no harm in dreaming… But all the same : the birth of mankind might have been cause by cells left upon the earth by asteroid residues and dust, so maybe we are potential aliens ! Colonising space would then just be a return to our roots, an intersidereal trip destined to only a very few of us; the lucky owner of a ticket would undoubtedly be hand-picked and their spaceship, far from been named after Captain Picard’s Enterprise, would have a name fraught with consequences : Captain Noah’s Ark ! To learn more about the black hole, click here.


Second assumption : the population of the world stops increasing.

Consequence #1 : this can be achieved by a common general will of all the peoples and by taking a decision accepted by each of us; thus, could be determined the maximum number of babies a family would be allowed to have just like they already do in Asia, this measure could fall within the scope of a worldwide control against economical waste and the redistribution of wealth. Numerous science-fiction novels and films picked up this subject a long time ago, the most famous of them being maybe George Lucas’ ‘THX 1138 ‘ at the beginning of his career. The 1975 version of  ‘Rollerball’ exposes the hegemonic power of multinational companies, ‘Brazil’ describes Administration in all its horror, ‘Soylent Green’ uses the results of overpopulation and the lack of food, ‘Logan’s run’ exposes the killing of people upon reaching a particular age and the revolt of a small group of the Dome inhabitants, this film was followed in the ’70s by a successful T.V. series with a great score composed by Laurence Rosenthal : to be watched once more when it is released as a DVD to realise the extent of the problem exposed well before today ! The control of the number of births resulting from a decision made would not be established in the immediate future, then we shouldn’t wait to much to react upon the aforementioned issues (redistributing wealth , stopping overproducing useless products, establishing a new world order, …).

OR Consequence #2 : this can be achieved by accident, by a fierce wish to kill or because if an unexpected cataclysm, that is a worldwide conflict, an atomic bomb, an epidemic caused by a virulent bacteria unresponsive to the most powerful antibiotics, the crashing of a meteor or any other large-scaled catastrophe would provoke a sudden decrease of the population. It’s an horrible thing to say. But any war or catastrophe, once it’s over, makes economy take off again and production resume, which makes us wonder about the real reasons behind the sparkling, the fuelling and the stopping of worldwide or local conflicts. Such a result would not solve anything and see the demographic growth take off once more like the Phoenix rising from its ashes !

To conclude on this matter and to answer the question, our lives in the future depend on the decision we make today : either we keep on heading straight into the wall and we will then be suffering more and more, or we make a drastic change. Scientists, astrophysicians, researchers and observers of the human fickleness unfortunately already know exactly what we’re dealing with. But a massive revolution movement from the population worldwide to change everything right now might create the appropriate power, a salutary dynamic, to achieve our aim : to save mankind ! Modern Melodies has no political agenda and doesn’t belong to any thinking or lobbying group; you will then have to find for yourselves within the forest of candidacy for the upcoming French presidential elections in the Spring of 2007 the man or the woman who has a correct approach of the matter. The fact that there are a large number of candidates will hep you make your choice. Undoubtedly, one of them will announce a change in the operating system of the world economy offer his/her help to contribute to saving whole mankind. All in all, the one who will sell us at last the real beautiful great political agenda we are all so waiting for. He/She will be the one in favour with all those who, like us, are aware that the fate of the planet and thus our survival and this of our children is hanging in the balance at the moment. Certainly not tomorrow. Tomorrow will be too late.

Tell me when…

Yannick. « I love my grandma and my grandpa. I’m nothing without them, they make me want to be a better person. They explain everything I want to know to me, I understand the things they’re feeling, they have a fair view of the world. My parents are far too busy, they’re not as much interested as they should be in my very full life : my schedule is as busy as this of the President of the French Republic ! Tell me, when will they be able to take more care of me : when they are old ? Fortunately for me, I have my grandparents : they cannot be replaced, they take the time to listen to me and they understand me, I love them ! »

Solenn. « I don’t really know what « old » means. To me, everything is new around me and my parents are young but not my grandmother who is less young. To me, she’s really not an old woman because she’s my grandma and I really really care about her. Tell me when will I be as old as she is, thus I could be as loved as I love her and that would be really great ! My mom has a really really old car. She’s going to buy a new one. I don’t think it’s old either, it’s still working pretty well. Why throw away a car which is still working ? I think, too often we throw things away even though they’re still working. »

Ronan. « Tell me when pigs might fly ! Each time I ask my father something and he doesn’t know the answer or he doesn’t have the time to answer me, he says : « I’ll tell you that when pigs might fly ». Maybe sometimes he doesn’t know the answer so it’s a way for him to hide himself. As for my grandparents, they know everything about everything and when there’s something they don’t know, they don’t pretend they do and run away. We look for the answers together and we find some here and there, we learn together. I wish they were living at home with us but my parents don’t want them to. »

… are we old

Getting old starts right from birth : a few second after he was brought into the world, a baby already starts to grown old. Evolution takes a lot of time, leading to a constant use of the required material and thus causing its deterioration. In order to survive, our species must have children, this is the only natural means we have to ensure the continuity of our genes and the passing on of our heritage. We don’t have any other choice actually : we’re not close at all to discovering the secret of eternal youth because the Universe itself was created following a gigantic explosion, the famous Big Bang which will happen once more in a few thousands millennia; contrary to what happened the last time around, this cataclysm will toll the knell of the complete disappearance of the Universe, its end is planned ! We must then take in at a very early age the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing is eternal;  we must restore to favour the word « old ». As human beings, we had always thought nature would provide us with everything, that it was as unfailingly generous as a mother is to her child; this representation of nature as a caring woman everlastingly pouring water, the inexhaustible source of wealth and goods, is however in the past : Lady Nature has really aged and her old age will come earlier than expected because the source has dried out. Lady Nature is seriously ill because of us.

To avoid his ancestral fear of death, man invented for himself a whole load of reasons to believe in eternal life. In the past, everyday life used to be tough in our part of the world et you had to buck yourself up by finding good reasons to relentlessly slave yourself away : « Work hard boy, things will get better tomorrow ». Today, some visionaries even think « anywhere else would always be better than right here » and based on that, they don’t have any faith in their existence. Life before birth, life after death, a spiritual life removed from our skeleton, living-dead, reincarnations, life in the twilight zone , communicating with the beyond or with gods or with God… and other prophecies, we invented the concept of believing in an eternal life somewhere in heaven. But don’t we try and preserve the life we are living right now instead of trying to picture a second hypothetical life somewhere else ? There is still hope : stem cells are the future of medicine because by artificially regenerating seriously injured human organs, the earthly life of an individual could be prolonged… until the age of 120. Indeed hair is programmed to regenerate in 4-year cycles around 20 to 25 times in a human lifetime. Everything shows that a human being is able to live as long as Jeanne Calment did. But only on the urgent condition that we take care of our arteries, our heart and our brain, greatly affected by the pollution and the pressure of our society. Given the worries man creates for man, there will be a lot of time before we stand at the dawn of an era of absolute peace, unless you are a Buddhist and expecting it ! visit this page about Jeanne Calment

Old people make us nervous because they remind us of the fatal outcome. The older we get, the more chances we have to die by being exposed to diseases and serious health problems, and nobody wants to think about that. The picture of an old person has nothing prestigious about it, on the contrary, it is banished from our consumer society. However, today’s heavy consumers will remain tomorrow’s heavy spenders, unless the current system draws the individuals’ financial abilities up to the core : then our fellow citizens will not enjoy their lives among an old jet set. The ads, the presence of the old on the screen, all the marketing images are based on youth. In our modern society, it’s all about the young. The new school year is starting ? Special pages and special issues ! The school holiday ! Endless commentaries ! Vaccination ? Violence at school ? Video games ? The youngest baby’s bottle-feeding ? An increasing number of women got hold of major positions leading to the feminisation of our society; women are taking on growing responsibilities in the world of work and are asserting themselves in all the fields of activity : leisure, teaching, media, research,… and this is just a fair redistribution of the power in the still in progress fight for the establishment of parity between men and women (the world of politicians is tremendously late in that respect, what a shame !)

In the teaching profession, however, there are far more women than men, as it is the case in all the fields related to children in general. This phenomenon is a consequence of the common feeling that children is primarily women’s business;  and you, Ladies, too are willing to keep your prerogatives ! And the result is that women attach too much importance to children. The choices the family makes regarding clothing, domestic appliances, schedules, … all those choices which in the past were devolved upon the parents today fall to the youngest, including the purchase of the family car. This is unbelievable. Children are not longer subjected to their parents’ rules, it’s the other way around :  now, adults have to deal with their kids’ endless whims… I don’t thinking this is such a good thing for children’s stability nor is the over-presence of women in education and training. A child needs the both of them for his « self-construction », as it is called. All along his school career (from kindergarten to graduation), a student won’t meet a lot of men and even less old people. However, many teachers of the « old school » kind, those who were so competent and motivated because they were cut out for the job, would have willingly gone beyond the compulsory retiring age had they been exercising within a favourable and enhancing environment. How wonderful for a young person to have a wise man as a master !

Anyway, to come back to what I was saying, children are overexposed to women in all the fields of activity related to childhood and the old are the desperate absentees, kept in the background. And yet, the less children will be in contact with old people, the more they will fear the moment when they themselves turn old. And to be honest, an old person will have influence on the child and will get from him a respect he might never feel for his parents. Society chose into a very wrong direction by rejecting the aged ones, an hypocritical term used supposedly to soften the devastating effects of the word « old ». « My old man » though, it’s such a beautiful sound, isn’t it Daniel Guichard ?

Instead of valorising experience, skills, knowledge and wisdom, instead of feeling proud and respectful for the work achieve by the old people to whom we owe our existence really, well, instead of turning to them, asking them for advice as it happened in very hierarchically evolved societies among Native Indians or African tribes for example, we turn our back on them to pack them into places for them to die (no-one would want to keep their old ones at home). Instead of cherishing old age in order to be able to put up with it one day, we favour the representation of youth (or of a certain kind of dull and stupid youth). Just take a look at all the pathetic programmes of reality television, or the way a far too large part of entertainment programmes worth nothing are imposed, to realise they are not aimed at those aged over 30 (and those with a mental age over 15) !

Therefore, if we acknowledge the existence of old bastards, unwanted on the sets of TV shows, we also have to admit there are also young bastards, and of those we see many in those aforementioned shows. In any case, they do not reflect a society which should be organised and balanced thanks to a fair and rational distribution of roles and functions each of us has and is willing to carry out. By distracting our attention from the fate of the old and by our particular lack of compassion, we are in fact despising ourselves and our children. This is an unforgivably coward of us. Youth : who wouldn’t sell their soul to the devil to get the much coveted elixir ? To remain young during a whole lifetime, a young mind in a young body… Isn’t it essential to first be healthy and then accept ourselves however old we are, and while we’re at it, whatever our status and our condition as much as possible ? Feeling our strength declining, watching ourselves fading away, not being able to party all week long like we used to or climb the Mont Blanc without respiratory help, surf the waves at La Torche or make love to a siren in the Baies des Trépassés all night long, not being able to put up with it wouldn’t be appreciated by anyone. But aren’t there any other pleasures lasting all life long ? Of course there are. Music, for example.

Let’s create a society whose value would be based a little bit more on intellectual pleasures and  a little bit less on primal pleasures, which are certainly essential but should not be our only driving force. It’s high time for us to restore our miserable and meaningless lives regarding the cosmos giganticness : man has a role to play down here. Let’s preserve the blue planet natural beauty and resources (whether animal, vegetal, mineral), let’s protect our fellow men more efficiently than we protect ourselves and let’s enjoy the incredible chance we have to be alive despite the sudden challenges the less fortunate ones of us sometimes encounter. Having an unfortunate destiny is good enough a reason not to want to sparkle trouble and difficulties, wars and conflicts. If we changed our behaviours, then wouldn’t it be for mankind the beginning of an era of serenity ?

As for the age of the brain, well that could be argued over and over again ! Everyone knows an old person who still thinks and behaves like a young person and a young one already older than his age because of his reactionary ideas ? You can be old at 12 and young at 72 without any problems ! Wearing unisex jeans is fashionable and it smoothed out the boundaries of differences in clothing and between men and women, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, right from the ’50s read the story of jeans. In the ’60s and especially after 1968, other boundaries were broken through : the liberation of women and the acknowledgement of their rights, the institution of coeducation at school and the establishing of the rights of the child, the restored prestige of the teenagers’ and students’ status, the opening of several art schools everywhere in France, the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the Cold War, the end of the Apartheid read more about Apartheid, the Pacs (the civil pact of solidarity) and a greater tolerance towards homosexuals, the opening of  beauty parlours, the growing number of beauty products, health spa centres, the progress made by medicine,… Everything seems to lead to better relationships between the different sexes, social, political and cultural circles, to the reconciliation between the peoples… but what about the old in all this, are they happier in 2006 or is there still a lot of people thinking that « the old have had their days, they should give way to others and don’t get on our bloody nerves… » ? If there are indeed such people, it would then be the most serious failure of our pseudo-democratic society.

Tell me where…


Yannick : ‘I love animals. When I see all the harm we do to them, it makes me cry. There’s a dolphin nearby my house who chose us, his name is Jean Floc’h, he’s beautiful. It’s so wonderful to see that, he’s so happy, like a child in the water who wants to have fun all the time. He wants to play with the people swimming by. My sister touched him once, she petted him, they talked together, because she practices sea canoeing around the Tristan island. She has been keeping on talking about him ever since, she’s all excited ! Everybody love Jean Floc’h, he’s a member of our family now. He shows us the sea belongs first and foremost to those who live in it and not to landsmen. My grandmother told me there’s always been dolphin shoals in the Douarnenez Bay and that fishermen and animals would get along perfectly. Unfortunately, there aren’t so many left for us to see, only solitary dolphins, poor things ! But Jean Floc’h disturbs some fishermen, he rips their nets open, some yatchmen think he’s aggressive and it’s all a lie of course. And nevertheless they want to shot him dead, just like they did with other dolphins before, no doubt. Not all the fishermen and yatchmen are like that of course, only a few, the meanest and the most stupid. If they kill him, or if they practice an euthanasia and if they catch him to lock him up in an marine aquarium, my sister would certainly go crazy about it and I think I would really become aggressive. We’ll avenge him, we made a promise to him. Do not touch Jean Floc’h, or else ! I signed the petition and now tell me where I can find more information about Jean Floc’h’.  To learn more @ Brest (information and blog) and @ Ile de Groix (information, press articles)

Solenn : ‘I hate hunters. Yesterday was horrible. Bang ! Bang ! Rifles shouted from everywhere in the vallet. My parents forbade me from going out, so I had to stay around the house to play, that’s not fair. And the noise wouldn’t stop. Bang ! Bang ! After each shot I would shout ‘You bastard hunters !’. My mother doesn’t like it when I say this but my father secretly encourages me to, he’s like me, he can’t bear hunters. I don’t understand how you can find pleasure in killing an animal who could live quietly without doing no harm. It’s really mean. It sucks. There’s all the food you need at the supermarket, why kill country animals ? You have to like death and all this and I don’t understand how these mean people with their killing guns can get away with it. I also want elephants, bears, wolves, whales and dolphins from being killed. The harm they’re being done is awful. Why do we do this ? What can I do to make all this stop ? I have two great friends : Mathieu the hedgehog and Mon P’tit Coco the squirrel – I wanted to name it Poupette but it’s a male. They live in the small forest at the other end of the field. Can you believe how lucky we are ? And what if the hunters want to hurt them ? And what if they shoot at them ? I’ll go and see my friends tomorrow and if I can’t see them, I don’t know how I would cope. I have to find them ! Tell me where I can find a satellite thing like they put on the backs of the bears in the Pyrenees to always know where there are and whether they’re okay.’

Ronan : ‘In my family, we are close to nature. My father loves fresh air, my mother only likes what is real and natural, my brother spends his time outside; if he could settle his bed in the public park or up in a tree, he would just love it. As soon as we can, we leave the apartment and we go in the countryside in spring, to the sea in summer and to the mountains in winter. Mountains are beautiful in the autumn, but you have to live there fulltime to really enjoy it. There are hunters over there too, poachers even. Hunting used to be a necessity, they would hunt to eat, they would breed to survive. Today, as the son of the great hunter Jean-Louis (!) said, hunting doesn’t make sense anymore. So why continue to as was done before ? Habits exist to be changed or else it would really be boring. Those who think hunting is some kind of tradition should read the letter FX sent to the Prime Minister of Canada about baby seals. The traditions of bull-, cock- or dogfighting and of eating cats in China, keeping parrots in cages, smoking cigarettes, throwing chemical insecticide bombs (when there are 100% natural products), leaving landmines around blowing children disabled for life, all of this is justify through ‘tradition’, and by the way, we all have a little tradition of our own, don’t we ? So we must now make hunting absolutely forbidden and make shooting range free for those who like shooting. And those who enjoy handling dead meat should open butcheries, tell me where I can find one for them, they should feel like home.’

  …They are going to hide


 Hunter Jean-Louis speaks. Interview. ‘Hunting ? I love that ! I get my rifle ready months in advance, as you think I would, I want to see the barrel of my beloved rifle shining in the sun. I lavish so much on my beloved gun, my wife almost gets jealous of it. It’s true that during the first days of the hunting season, the thought of getting a creature gets me so excited… Hunting makes another man out of you : with my rifle fully loaded and my stupid dog ready to obey my orders in the morning dew and the cool of September, I feel like I own the world. It’s so beautiful, so strong a feeling. Then I lie in the wait, all my senses alerted, and I move slowly. And when I finally see something move, then I shoot. I sometimes take aim too but always after shooting, it’s a matter of technical efficiency. Because you have to react on the spot, and I’m a real pro : I scent, I shoot, I aim and I pick up. The main thing when you shoot is to kill the target quickly. To be honest, there’s not time to think and even less too take aim. But I don’t like it when animals suffer, you know, I’m a very sensitive person and when I see an animal dying, it breaks my heart so I finish it off right away, with my knife when it’s not too big. I like my work to be neatly done and it’s also a good thing for the animal’s dignity. I think this is something we owe it, to die with respect. There aren’t so many of my colleagues as animal-friendly as I am, and if animals knew the kind of man I am, well I reckon they would choose me to die with a flourish. I love animals, I have respect for all of them. I’m a true advocate for nature.

‘Me and my mates, we work out a good hunting season all year long. Paulot, for example, he breeds woodcocks. And a few weeks before the opening, we release them. You should see them all fly away, they’re all so happy to be absolutely free, lucky them ! They get out of the cages and start flying around us several times as if they wanted to thank us. And by the way, while we’re at it, a hunter always gives his pray a chance, you know ? First of all, we aren’t all great shooters, so the chances are the first rounds might be go astray. And even if we shoot and hurt them, they still have a chance to get away. This almost never happens of course, because our dogs are crazy, but anyways, you see, it’s an honest deal, everyone’s got their chances.

‘ One day, my son – kind of a weakling just like his mother, but I love them both anyways – told me : ‘Those sensations you get while hunting – nature in the morning, the odours, the building up, the friends, the coming back home, all of this – they are good reasons to justify why you hunt (because hunting to get food doesn’t make sense anymore), so why don’t you swap you rifle for a camera ? Same sensations, same tracking down, same satisfactions. Minus the dead animals.’ It’s full of good intentions towards creatures but the thing my son and his photos will never experience is the pleasure you get from killing an animal. It was alive, now it’s not : I’m God ! Of course, if you don’t like killing, or if you’re degusted by the sight and the smell of blood, so then you certainly don’t get a thing and you don’t hunt. It’s a blessing moment, when the creature is there lying on the ground and looks at me with its bloody eye, I can see love, the love of an animal thanking me for killing it. It’s a kind of gratefulness I appreciate. Besides, when I feel I’m going to go back home empty-handed, I get a cat or two, or titmice. I even got a swan and a heron once. There’re loads of them flying around in the fields and I consider I help getting rid of a few parasites. Cats, there are too much of them, not mentioning crows or hedgehogs; at least I can see these coming, especially after drowning my disappointment with grape juice…

‘We hunters or farmers of the real kind, those handling the rifles, we truly love the earth and nature. By hunting, we help regulate species, we play our parts as fauna’s regulators. When you remove an individual, there’s more room for the rest of them. Each year, thanks to what we do, we preserve the natural balance between men and the other species. We’re watching over our great patrimony, the one where man has fulfilled its destiny as the master since the beginning of times. And believe you me, I won’t let anything or anyone change that ! A word to the wise is enough !’


Declaration from the Charity Organisation for Animals Victims of the Bastards from the Wine regions. 

A testimony. ‘ We, the rabbits, the hares, the birds, the foxes and the other animals of the earth, living in a given place or passers-by during the four seasons, hereby solemnly declare our desire not to die under the shotguns of hunters of any kind. The human hyperactivity causes our diseases, decimates our fellows (elephants, rhinoceroses, insets, dolphins, whales, … ), forests disappear, water poisons our children, food is getting scarce. Everywhere our personal spaces are shrinking away until they disappear forever, and there is no turning back once a species dies out. We don’t have enough room on the planet anymore, men shamelessly impose themselves everywhere and hunt us down. We are all going to die, and human beings with us. They are on the road to ruin the most precious gift of the Universe : life on the earth.

Yesterday nature’s Heaven, we are about to perish by the stains men inflicted to the only little blue planet of our common patrimony. Under the cross-fire of hate-eaters, between the teeth of the four-legged Cerberuses, in blood and in the cold, we will perish to satisfy the sadistic pleasure of men with barrels. The human being is just a bloody perverse species whose brain, when used, is as intellectually developed as this of a bloody woodlouse. With a major difference though : the insect is not aware he’s got a brain. So in the end it cannot be accused of using it badly. Man you have no heart, no faith, no law, we don’t ask for your pity. You already have so little consideration for your own kind, so as for showing us a little compassion… you don’t give a damn about the animal world. Man all we feel about you is contempt. So let us now die in peace. We the Animals are living in utter destitution and it’s all by your own fault. It’s tragic, dramatic and pathetic’.


Text by FXC. Translated by Natacha Gillardeau, Paris. 

A tribute to Elmer Bernstein

The bow and the Franco-Belgian school of music, here



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